learn to swim in 4 Days in Phoenix!

Adults from 50 US-States and foreign Countries cross our Pool in our Swim School Retreat AT LEAST 30 times on Monday, the 4th Day of Class!

32 SWIM Lessons  (8 per Day of 30 Minutes each)  in 4 Days (Fri-Mon) are NOT exhausting - your Body replaces Water equal to its Volume and the resulting Buoyancy CARRIES YOUR WEIGHT FOR YOU THROUGHOUT OUR 32 LESSONS!

2-3 Minutes of Instructor Explanations are followed by ONLY 30 Seconds of physical Activity and WARM POOL WATER of 90 Fahrenheit assures your Comfort, relaxes your Muscles and promotes FAST Improvements of your WATER FAMILIARITY!

8 INDIVIDUALIZED LESSONS PER DAY IN OUR PRIVATE SWIM RETREAT accelerate your Muscle Memory Development tremendously and prevent Reappearance of your Fear! Your private Guest Room allows resting and relaxing before, between and after Lessons!

Swim Strokes, Coordinations and Survival Skills are learned 3 TIMES FASTER WITHOUT long Time Gaps between Lessons. There is never enough Time between our 8 Lessons daily, to delay Development of your Muscle Memory or to forget, what you just learned!

Visiting the US? Start with 4 Days in our private Swim Retreat in Phoenix! After our Class, you will be ready for every (Hotel) Pool, you encounter!

We GUARANTEE your SWIM SUCCESS, because we teach 32 individualized Lessons under ideal teaching Conditions in ONLY 4 DAYS.........NOT OVER 4 - 5 MONTH! Lessons are taken -in WARM WATER, -in PRIVACY, -without SPECTATORS/CHILDREN/SWIMMERS -without PUBLIC EMBARRASSMENTS, -without any HOME TYPICAL DISTRACTIONS and are taught by Klaus Bolle, who is ALWAYS with you in the Pool!

Benefit from his 40 Years of Adult teaching Experience! Finally enjoy Swimming and being physically active for the Rest of your Life!


Money Back Swim Success Guarantee!

Should our Non-Swimmer Goal of 30 Pool Crossings within 2 Hours on Day 4 be in Question at any Time, at our Choice, we increase the Number of Lessons, until Success is achieved or refund your Swim Class Fee!

Would we be in Business... could we guarantee your Success... would we have ONLY 5 Star Reviews... if our Adult Students would NOT learn to swim in 4 Days?

Please call Klaus  602 323 4116  ANYTIME with Questions or Concerns and gain Confidence by reading our Reviews!

32 Bolle Swim Lessons for Adults in 4 Days!

35,000 Adults learned to swim in Bolle Schools since 1972!

Our Specialty is 32 INDIVIDUALIZED ADULT SWIM Lessons in Privacy in 4 Days incl. Accommodation in our Swim School Retreat in Phoenix! If you are fearful, challenged or burdened in any Way by bad "Water Experiences", let us help you! We guarantee your swim Success, knowing that we CAN SOLVE ALL "WATER PROBLEMS"!

Classes start on ALL Fridays at 6 pm! We teach Adults ONLY + GUARANTEE your Success due to:

  • 40 Years Adult teaching EXPERIENCE
  • Ideal teaching CONDITIONS (Water 90°F., sanitized by Ozone + UV-Light)
  • Fast Muscle Memory Development (Due to 32 Lessons in ONLY 4 Days!)
  • Privacy without Children, Spectators or other Swimmers
  • 5-6 Adults in Group-, 3-4 in Mini-Group-, 1-2 in Semi-Private -Lessons - (your Choice!)
  • Your FOCUS for 4 Days on ONLY Swim Lessons
  • Pool Steps away from your private Guest Room (with high Speed Internet) in our Swim Retreat
  • AVOIDANCE of typical Home-Work-School-related Distractions
  • RESTING + RELAXING in your private Guest Room before, between and after Lessons

Did you try before to learn to swim and did NOT succeed? This Class is especially for you!!

Are you visiting the US? Start your Visit with our 4-Day Class in Phoenix on any Friday of your Choice, become a Swimmer in 4 Days and enjoy afterwards Hotel Pools every Day during your US-Vacation!

What to avoid!

Don’t accept Swim Lessons in cold Pools.  (below 90 F!)  Cold Water does not allow your Muscles (already tightened by Fear) to relax.

Don't agree to Lessons, if your Swim Success is not guaranteed and Lessons are not free of public Embarrassments.

Don't take Lessons without Privacy. (in the Presence of Spectators, Children and other Swimmers)


Long Time Gaps between Lessons - prevent Water Familiarity Improvements,- delay Muscle Memory Development and - prolong Fear!

We avoid Time Gaps by teaching 32 Lessons in 4 Days/8 Lessons per Day(Water 90 F., sanitized by Ozone + UV-Light, to prevent Skin-+Eye-Irritations)

All Lessons in total Privacy without Children or Spectators in our Phoenix Swim School Retreat. Pool only Steps away from your Guest Room.

Our Students are focused on 32 individualized Lessons ONLY and are not bothered by Home- and Work-related Distractions. They benefit from tremendously accelerated Muscle Memory Development, fast Elimination of Fear and absolutely unavoidable Swim Success!

Bolle Swim Class Choices & Accommodations

Choose Your Swim Class Type:

  • Learn to swim? Register for Non-Swimmer Class
  • Master Deep Water? Register for Next Step/Deep Water Class
  • Learn to swim AND master Deep Water? Register ONLY for Semi-Private Lessons!

Determine the Number of Students with Klaus in your Class by choosing:

  • 32 Group Swim Lessons with 5 or 6 Adults                            ($895 per Adult - $28 per Lesson)
  • 32 Mini-Group Swim Lessons with ONLY 3 or 4 Adults          ($1,595 per Adult - $50 per Lesson)
  • 32 Semi-Private Swim Lessons with ONLY 1 or 2 Adults       ($2,595 per Adult - $81 per Lesson)

Why Bolle Adult Swim School Retreat?

What is more convincing, 32 Lessons in 4 Days in warm Water of 90 F. or 40 Lessons in a cold public Pool with 40 Commutes over 4-5 Month ?


32 Lessons in our SWIM Retreat in 4 Days WILL NOT EXHAUST you and DO NOT even require you, to be in good physical Shape!

Buoyancy causes your Body to float and Buoyancy carries your Weight throughout our 32 Swim Lessons. Combined with warm Water of 90 Fahrenheit, Buoyancy allows us, to teach 8 Lessons per Day!

When Walking or Running, you are burdened by your own Weight. When SWIMMING/LEARNING TO SWIM, you are totally weightless! SWIMMING offers most Benefits to Fitness + Health! It DOES NOT stress Joints +Tendons, thanks again to Weight eliminating Buoyancy.


Why drive to a cold public Pool 40 times within 5 Month, when we GUARANTEE your Swim Success in Phoenix in 4 Days?

Sign up for any Friday of your Choice, arrive at our Retreat before 6 pm and get comfortable in your private Guest Room, Steps away from our Pool. Take 8 individualized Swim Lessons daily on 4 consecutive Days. Take your return Flight on Monday afternoon as a Swimmer, who can cross our Pool 30 times on the last Day of Class! Arrive back Home Monday Evening and enjoy SWIMMING with your (Grand-) Kids for the Rest of your Life!


Ready to learn to swim in 4 Days?

3 of 10 Adults are Non-Swimmers, 6 of 10 Swimmers avoid Deep Water! Let us teach you to swim and to overcome your Fear in just 4 Days/32 Lessons. 40 Years Adult teaching Experience guarantee your Swim Success and will change your Life! (Please read about our Money Back Success Guarantee!)

Skeptical? Questions?

Please call former Students:

  • Brenda in IL at 847-372-9819
  • Jay in WY at 954-336-4028
  • Chris in AZ at 602-909-2388
  • Mary in NY at 917-941-3897

Choose Your Adult Swim Class Start Date

Sign up for ANY Friday of your Choice! All Lessons are taught by School Owners Klaus + Thitiya Bolle! Visiting the US? Take our 4-Day Class in Phoenix first, before traveling to your US-Destinations! Your Trip will be so much more exciting, when you can enjoy Swimming Pools all along the Way!

Swim in Oceans and Lakes

"Next Step/Deep Water" Class Participants learn Freestyle, advanced Breast- and Back-stroke and Survival Skills, which allow you, to spend Hours in Deep Water without getting exhausted or risking your Life! We make you feel safe and comfortable in 4 Days in deep Water!