Choose Your Swim Class Type

Non-Swimmer Class

With Success Guarantee

We teach you ALL basic Skills: Breaststroke, Backstroke, Coordination, Breathing, Body/Head Position, Gliding, Floating and Water Treading! This is your class, If you can't swim at all and are fearful and challenged. This is especially your class, if you tried before to learn to swim and did NOT succeed!

Next Step/Deep Water Class

For unsafe swimmers with fear of deep water

You learn Freestyle, Advanced -Breaststroke and -Backstroke with alternating Arm Movements, Floating on your Back and Water Treading! Additionally we teach you Survival Skills, which enable you to spend Hours in Deep Water without getting exhausted or risking your Life!

This Class will totally change your "Deep Water Attitude" and is the necessary Step towards ALWAYS being safe in Deep Water!

Both Classes:

32 individualized lessons in 4 Days (7 daily swim lessons plus 4 theory lessons)   Lesson Times Subject to change!

  • Friday:            6pm-630pm                  Class Introduction                    630pm-10pm          (7 Swim Lessons)
  • Saturday:       10am-11:30am          1:30pm-2:30pm  Theory            2:30pm-4:30pm          (7 Swim Lessons)
  • Sunday:         10am-11:30am          1:30pm-2:30pm  Theory            2:30pm-4:30pm          (7 Swim Lessons)
  • Monday:         10am-11:30am          1:30pm-3:30pm                                                             (7 Swim Lessons)

Choose Your Swim Class Size:

32 Group Swim Lessons

Klaus with 5 or 6 Adults In Swim School Residence
  • $895 per Adult without Accommodation
  • $1,295 per Adult with 4 days Accommodation
  • Water heated to 92°F and sanitized by Ozone and UV-light

32 Mini-Group Swim Lessons

Klaus with 3 or 4 Adults In Swim School Residence
  • $1,595 per Adult without Accommodation
  • $1,995 per Adult with 4 days Accommodation
  • Pool only steps away from your private Guest Room

32 Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Klaus with 1 or 2 Adults In Swim School Residence
  • $3,195 per Adult without Accommodation
  • $3,595 per Adult with 4 days Accommodation
  • Unlimited tea, coffee, juices, fruits and snacks for all 4 days!

32 Group Swim Lessons               (5 or 6 Adults)

In 4 Days (Fri-Mon) you learn to swim and we teach additionally SOME ELEMENTS of the Next Step-/Deep Water-Class.


32 Mini-Group Swim Lessons      ( ONLY 3 or 4 Adults)

In 4 Days (Fri-Mon) you learn to swim and we teach additionally MOST ELEMENTS (due to ONLY 3 or 4 Adults in Mini-Groups) of the Next Step/Deep Water Class. If you are older than 65 Years, please register ONLY for Mini-Group- or Semi-Private -Lessons!


32 Semi-Private Swim Lessons   ( ONLY 1 or 2 Adults

In 4 Days (Friday - Monday) you learn to swim and we teach you ALL ELEMENTS (due to ONLY 1  or 2 Adults in Semi-Private Lessons) of the Non Swimmer- and Next Step/Deep Water-Class.  (2 Classes in One)    

(Mini Group - and Semi Private-Lessons are concentrated and intensive and promote fast learning of basic AND advanced Skills in a smaller Group Setting !)


Klaus taught many Politicians, Sports- and Movie -Stars, without ANYBODY seeing them in unflattering Situations! Please be absolutely assured of our Confidentiality. If you visit the US, consider taking our 4-Days/32 Lessons Class in Phoenix first, before traveling to your US-Destinations as a Swimmer, who can enjoy all the Swimming Pools along the way!

In a hurry? Start your 32 Lessons next Friday at 6:00 pm and be done by Monday at 3:30 pm!

Walmart, 40 shops, 10+ Restaurants, Banks, Gas Stations and more all in walking Distance.

Rest and relax in your private Room in our Swim Retreat after and between Lessons. (unlimited Tea, Coffee, Juices, Sodas, Snacks and Fruits on all 4 Days)

Focus for 4 Days ONLY on 32 Swim Lessons WITHOUT any Home-, Family- or Work -related Distractions!


Find out why the 4 - day BOLLE-METHOD works for everyone!

Our Accommodations - 3 Guest Rooms


3 Guest Rooms with high Speed internet for your Convenience. No Need to make Arrangements for Lodging and Transportation if you choose to stay with us. Staying with us doesn't require a Rental Car. Shops, Wal Mart and Restaurants are all within walking Distance! (500 yards)