Arizona Advantages

Ideal Weather Conditions + Hours Of Sunshine

4000 hours of sunshine per year / 11 hours per day, (don’t worry - pool is shaded!) We teach year round due to agreeable weather and very pleasant temperatures. Even September - March, daytime air temperatures very seldom drop below 70° Fahrenheit and the water is always 90 + Fahrenheit!

Superior Water Sanitation

9 lessons per day in warm water of 90°F, sanitized by ozone and uv-light and as a result: no burning eyes, irritated skin, green hair or fading bathing suits!

Maricopa County Fastest Growing In US

A modern and appealing metro center with 4,000 000 inhabitants (only 100,000 in 1950).

No Natural Disasters/No Suspension Of Lessons

We are fortunate not to be affected by hurricanes, tornados, blizzards and floods. Not once did we have to cancel lessons within the last 3 years due to adverse weather.

Away From Home Equals Success!

Our adult clients from all 50 states, Canada and European Countries, immerse themselves in 9 lessons per day without any home, work, school and family related distractions. We guarantee your success because you are away from home, which enables you to concentrate on swim lessons ONLY! It is not too far fetched to say, that you will learn to swim with ease, due to not being home!

Physical And Psychological Problem

Adult non-swimmers have a physical and psychological problem. You have to experience and learn to trust your buoyancy and control your arms and legs, which don’t seem to belong to you, while being fearful of water. Taking only 2 swim lessons weekly at home over 4- 5 month, forces you, to take care of many home typical obligations at the same time. Trying to overcome your fear, trusting your buoyancy and learning to coordinate your arm and leg movements is challenging enough for adult beginners! Additional daily home typical obligations make it more difficult and often impossible to learn to swim.

Danger Of Quitting

Local swim lessons with only 2 lessons weekly, makes swim progress much too slow and does not satisfy expectations! It motivates too many adults, to give up and abandon the idea, of becoming a swimmer. Unfortunately, they don’t recognize burdensome home obligations as the culprit, preventing swim success!

Exclusively Lessons Equals Success

Flying to AZ and consequently not being burdened by home related obligations, guarantees your swim success. Please take your fear into consideration and don’t try to learn to swim over a period of 4 to 5 Month , while you have to deal with additional common daily Stresses. We often advise even local class participants, who reside in metro Phoenix, to stay for 4 days in a nearby hotel or with us, to avoid these home typical stresses. Family,- school,- work- and other daily obligations don’t mix well with challenging swimming lessons and they should be especially avoided, if you are a fearful beginner, who wants to reach swim success in 4 days.