Learning to Swim in 4 Days

Is Learning to SWIM in just 4 Days too good to be true? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Since 1972 more than 35,000 Adult SWIM Students from all 50 States and foreign Countries trusted our SUCCESS GUARANTEE and learned to SWIM in Bolle Swim Retreats in just 4 Days!

36 individualized Lessons in ONLY 4 DAYS  (NOT OVER 4 OR 5 MONTH) make your Swim Success unavoidable! There is not enough Time between Lessons daily, for Fear, to resurface and for Coordinations, Survival Skills and SWIM Strokes to be forgotten from one Lesson to the Next!  4 Theory- and 32 Swim-Lessons ensure your Success, IF TAKEN IN 4 DAYS....NOT OVER 4 OR 5 MONTH!

How is this Possible?

Overcoming Failure

Adults often fail, to learn to swim in 4 or 5 Month in their local Hotel,- Gym - or Community - Pool with ONLY 1 or 2 Lesson(s) per Week. Failure is also likely, when lack of Privacy causes public Embarrassments. Hotel Guests, Spectators, Children and other Swimmers should NEVER be present during Adult Lessons! Failure Rates increase even more, when long Time Gaps between Lessons slow your Muscle Memory Development, delay your Water Familiarization and allow your Fear, to resurface! We could NOT guarantee your swim Success, if we would spread our 36 Lessons over 4-5 Month and Lessons would have to be taken in Water colder than 90 Fahrenheit, which does not allow your Muscles (already tightened by Fear) to relax. Adult Beginners are learning by listening and observing and are not constantly physically active. They depend on Water of 90 Fahrenheit to succeed, while staying warm, relaxed and comfortable

You CAN'T expect Success, when you are COLD and miserable due to questionable teaching Conditions! Public-or Hotel Pools CAN'T increase the Water Temperature to 90 Fahrenheit without upsetting other Swimmers! Some Swim Schools use Heat retaining Wet Suits, to make cold Water more tolerable. However, Wet Suits impair Movements and add artificial Buoyancy, which leads to Dependency and delays Swim Progress, making it even more difficult to succeed!


Our 36 Lessons in 4 Days are NOT EXHAUSTING and do NOT REQUIRE you, to be in good physical Shape! Natural Buoyancy, the Force that causes your Body to float, has contributed to our successful 4-Day Classes for over 40 Years! Buoyancy carries your Body Weight for you and allows us, in Combination with warm Water, to teach on Average 9 Lessons per Day WITHOUT EVER exhausting you!

When walking or running, you are burdened by your Body Weight. When swimming/learning to Swim, you are totally weightless! For that Reason, Swimming offers tremendous Benefits for Fitness and Health without stressing your Joints and Tendons, thanks again to Buoyancy!

Buoyancy definition. The Force that causes your Body to float. According to the Principle of Archimedes, when a Body is placed in Water, it is Subject to an upward Force equal to the Weight of the Water it has displaced.

No Exhaustion

Our Water Exercises last only 30 Seconds on Average and are followed by 2 - 3 Minutes of Instructor's Explanations and Example Exercises. This gives you ample Time to recover and makes EXHAUSTION IMPOSSIBLE!

Privacy and Focus

9 Swim Lessons per Day require Privacy and Focus! Our private SWIM Retreat makes Learning enjoyable and excludes Distractions and public Embarrassments, often caused by Spectators, Children and other Swimmers in Hotel,-Gym- and Community- Pools!

Ideal Water and Teaching Conditions

To disinfect our Pool Water, we use Ozone- and UV-Light Purification, to prevent Eye- and Skin -Irritations, making your Time in the Pool on 4 consecutive Days comfortable and enjoyable.

Foreign Visitors

Learn to swim while visiting the US! Start your Trip with our 4-Day Class and let us advise you, what to do and where to go in the beautiful Southwest of the United States. You will likely meet Americans, while taking our Lessons, giving your Trip a comfortable Start.

Being able to swim, will make your U.S. Trip much more enjoyable, considering all the Hotel Pools, you will encounter after our Class. Increase your Endurance by swimming in Hotel Pools every Day while in the US. You will be a very accomplished Swimmer when you return Home.

Start your US-Visit as a Non-Swimmer and return to your Country as a Swimmer! How great is that?

You Can Do This!

Please don't doubt your Ability to LEARN TO SWIM in 4 Days and consider the Life long Health- and Fitness- Benefits, resulting from practicing, what we will teach you! We eliminate your FEAR FIRST by improving your Water Familiarity! The 4-Day Bolle-Method works for ALL Adults, who free themselves for 4 Days from Work- and Home- related Distractions, to focus on 36 Swim Lessons only! After our Class, you will regret, not having taken it much earlier! Learning To Swim in 4 Days will be one of your most exciting and rewarding Experiences! This is especially true for our Clients from foreign Countries, who start their US-Visit with our 4-Day Class! Please remember, our Success Guarantee is NOT too good to be true! It is, for many Adults however, too good to be believed! We hope, you are NOT one of them!

Ready to Change Your Life?

Anyone can learn to swim in just 4 days! Let us help you!

4 Day Schedule

Time Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
7:30am 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson
8:00am 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson
8:30am 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson
9:00am 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson
9:30am 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson Day Completed
6:00pm 1 Swim Lesson
6:30pm 1 Swim Lesson
7:00pm 1 Swim Lesson
7:30pm 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson
8:00pm 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson
8:30pm 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson
9:00pm 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson
9:30pm 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson 1 Swim Lesson
10:00pm Day Completed Day Completed Day Completed