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We think it is natural for fearful non-swimmers/unsafe swimmers to be very skeptical. Please listen to what people, who were struggling just like you, have to say!

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Bolle Adult Swim School
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by Jo on Bolle Adult Swim School
It is True

I just completed Klaus program and I am thrilled with the result. By the end of the 3 1/2 days I was jumping into the deep end from the diving board. Although finesse was lacking, I was able to swim from the deep end many times. Klause programme gave me confidence and skills to continue my swimming journey. I am able to practice indepentently to improve my swimming skills.

by Alberta K on Bolle Adult Swim School
Amazing Experience

This review is long overdue-Klaus is an amazing instructor who is very passionate about what he does. You have to let go of your fears, inhibitions and any preconceived ideas, and just LISTEN and DO what he says, and you will be swimming in no time. I still can't believe i can jump and dive in the deep end with ease now. Thank you Klaus for a life changing experience. I love water now. Thank you kindly

by Ronald Nazareth on Bolle Adult Swim School

I am 82 years old. Wanted to be comfortable swimming. Decided to take this intense 32 hour course last holiday weekend. I was happy I did. The experience was very rewarding. Klaus is in excellent instructor with a great sense of humor.

by Kevin on Bolle Adult Swim School
More like three days!

I wish I could give the school and my experience ten stars!! The method Klaus uses to teach is so common sense, foolproof, and confidence building, it cannot be beat. His demeanor, patience and sense of humor make it an even better learning atmosphere and experience and the phyical atmosphere is as advertised and perfect for learning how to swim. I truly cannot say enough about how mich more than satisfied I am with the investment I made in going to the Bolle Swim School.

by Tom Buttes on Bolle Adult Swim School
Money well spent

I am 63 and have been afraid of deep water my entire life until I completed the swimming course at Bolle in May 2018. I have been swimming almost everyday since and continue to be more relaxed in deep water. My wife can’t believe how it has changed our life. We have enjoyed Memorial Day, Father Day and the 4th of July with my family and grandkids in the pool. I highly recommend Klaus as a teacher and his program. I think it is worth every penny.

by Melody S. on Bolle Adult Swim School
WHY DID I WAIT 5 decades to learn how to swim?

I simply didn’t think I could ever do it since I missed the opportunity to learn as a kid…and quite honestly I was afraid to.

Upon arriving at the first lesson, I introduced myself to the other students that had come from as far east as Massachusetts and as far south as Florida to learn to swim. We were all over 50 years old and eager to conquer our apprehension about being in the water. I’m sure we were all thinking… ”What have we gotten ourselves into?”

We got in the pool and one of our first directives from Klaus was to lean our heads back and relax. How could I relax when I didn’t know how to swim?! But the kindest, yet commanding voice, coming from this gentle giant reassured me that I could do it and that he was right there with me. I leaned my head back, listened to his instruction and within seconds I was floating. Within minutes I learned my first stroke and by the end of the first day---I was SWIMMING across the pool doing the backstroke! On day one!

Klaus is an amazing instructor and an equally amazing human being! With over 40 years of swim experience, a competitive background, and a genuine interest in helping people; he instantly gained my trust. Not only did I trust him, I trusted the process and can now swim after just 4 days of instruction. Truly life changing! I’m glad I said YES to this opportunity and am so happy to have learned from this real life Aquaman who is doing what he loves everyday while helping the people who need it the most—adult non-swimmers.

Klaus – there aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am to have met you and to have had this life-altering experience. You’ve changed me in more ways than you’ll ever know. I am capable. I am confident. I am fearless. I am a swimmer. You are a man with tremendous gifts and I thank you for sharing them! You are the definition of passion meeting purpose.

Melody S.
July 2018
Phoenix, AZ

by Debby on Bolle Adult Swim School

Definitely would highly recommend this program. Learned more in 4 days that I had with previous lessons. Helped me get over my fear of doing a back float, and of being in deep water. Now have a solid foundation to work / practice from. Thanks, Klaus. (Back to the dogs 😉

by Oso, O on Bolle Adult Swim School

Growing up, I never bothered to learn how to swim. As I grew older and went on vacations to beautiful beaches around the world, I felt left out and decided to learn how to swim. Being a busy professional I did not have time to go for endless classes in front of kids half my age moving around in the water like they were born swimming. So I went online and came across Bolle Swim School. It sounded too good to be true and I was very skeptical at first. But just 4 days with Klaus in Arizona and I was comfortable in the water and could float, do the backstroke, dive, and a lot more!! Klaus is very patient and knowledgeable and is just about the best in swimming instruction! I definitely recommend this swimming course to every adult with a desire to learn how to swim.

by Sasithon Caddell on Bolle Adult Swim School

ตอนแรกเข้าใจว่าการว่ายน้ำแบบงูๆปลาๆ เป็นเรื่องธรรมดา. แต่พอได้เรียนว่ายน้ำอย่างถูกต้องโดยครูสอนมืออาชีพ เข้าใจง่ายเป็นเร็ว มันดีมากสำหรับคนที่ไม่มีเวลาเรียน. ฉันได้บอกเพื่อนๆ. มันง่ายกว่าที่คิด(เพราะตอนแรกกลัว)และฉันจะบอกเพื่อนๆและคนที่รูจักให้ไปเรียนว่ายน้ำ และมันก็ไม่ได้แก่เกินเรียนเลย. (ฉันอายุ 54ปี) หน้าร้อนนี้ฉันได้ไปเที่ยวรีสอร์ต ได้ว่ายน้ำอย่างที่ไม่ต้องกล้าๆกลัวๆอีกต่อไป ต้องขอขอบคุณเพื่อนที่แนะนำฉันให้ไปเรียนว่ายน้ำ. และที่สุดนี้ต้องขอขอบคุณคุณครูKlaus ท้ายนี้ฉันขอให้คุณครูได้ให้วิชาความรู้สอนแก่คนที่ยังว่ายน้ำไม่เป็น ต่อไปนะค่ะ. ได้บุญด้วยค่ะ

by VVANNA WATTANAWAT on Bolle Adult Swim School

I took the class on November with my friend. Two of us have same problem. We afraid to being in the water. The first day we started . Klaus showed us many different way that we have more confidence to get into the water. The second day we can swim to other side of the pool . We not afraid any more .

By day 4 . We had learned back stoke, breast stoke, and many more. I highly recommended to anyone who would like to know how to swim. He is amazing.

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starsKlaus is awesome instructor. His teaching method is simple and easy to follow.
it's too good to be true that learning swimming in five days is possible.
I felt it's impossible to learn in five days while I am signing up for his class.

It did not even took 5 days to swim, glide on the water, holding the breathe under water,breast stroke (keeping head under the water surface and keeping head over the water surface), competition style swimming, back stroke, swimming in 15 feet deep ..etc.

I can't believe myself that I got the ability all in 3.5 days. His intensive course gave me the muscle memory kick in just 3 days. He taught the importance of Buoyancy.

Seshikanth G.

starsIts remarkable. I'd taken a number of classes over the years, and spent money on private instructors. Instructors I now see as clearly out of their depth. During one particularly challenging class, a very expensive teacher told me "When you're ready to learn, you will." Needless to say, that was the last time I gave her my hard-earned money and took time away from my busy schedule to supposedly screw around in the pool. None of the teachers I met understood that I had a real fear of water, was trying incredibly hard, and was just getting more anxious by the lesson. It didn't help to be surrounded by little kiddies showing off their considerably more confident water skills.

I finally decided to look for immersive swimming classes, and came across Klaus Bolle. I took a week off from work and drove to the Poconos for the beginner's class. At the start of the class I was very disturbed by the thought of water getting in my face, and terrified at the concept of backstroke. I'm glad to say that by the end of the week I was hanging out in the deep end, floating on my back and doing the breast stroke easily. I still haven't gotten the hang of the freestyle stroke, so I may take a short class in my neighborhood next year. But right now I can do the breast stroke, back stroke, and thread in the deep end without fear. I recommend this class to any adult who can't swim.

Sandeep M.



starsIt works ! Klaus is an amazing teacher who removed my fear of water and taught me how to swim in 3.5 days.

It does sound too good to be true, but he is the real deal. My fear of water is gone and I feel very comfortable in deep waters well. Klaus is the right combination of assertiveness and compassion. There was no pre-requisite required to attend his course.

I highly recommend it, the best 3.5 days of my life so far ! With the results to show for it.

Sandeep M.

starsKlaus is the best swimming teacher! His method - intensive learning in 5 days - is the most successful way of teaching adult non-swimmers. I did not have a lot of confidence in my first class because of my failed swim classes before. I remembered thinking I would get my money back if I fail to learn. The transformation is huge for me, with two weekends of classes, I went from being not comfortable in the water to enjoying jumping in the water and swimming to the other end of the pool; from only knowing swimming free style under the water to swimming competition style breast stroke and back stroke. Klaus was so nice and invited my husband during my last day of class. My husband has been swimming since he was a toddler and Klaus was able to teach him to float on his back which he never learned from YMCA lessons.

I guarantee that you will not find a better way to learn to swim as an adult.


starsFirst and foremost, the guarantee is real.  You will be swimming by the end of this class.  I took the non swimmer class this Spring and was amazed. Klaus not not only teaches you to swill, but how to save your life in the water.  The progress I made was astounding.  I was clearly the most fearful (in my opinion) after the second day, but with determination and the relaxed nature of the class, I surprised myself of what I was able to accomplish after a lifetime of fear and failed attempts (I'm 45).

The class was small, just 4 adults within similar age ranges, which lent itself for great intimacy and support, and for what I'm sure will be lifetime friends.  I must admit that the last day was an emotional one, to witness what we each had overcome in such a short period of time.  While clearly, we all needed to continue our work, we all did swim across the pool 30 times!  I cannot put a price tag on the true value of this class, but I can say that it is worth much more than what I paid for it.

Vince M.

starsI have had discomfort and phobia of the water my entire life.  I tired of the embarassment and wanted to overcome this one aspect of my life that really hindered me from enjoying many activities involving water.

The Bolle Swim method is amazing.  You are taught in a safe, private setting with compassion, encouragement and clear guidance.  Day 1 I was swimming under water and floating on my back.  Klaus demystifies the myths and fears and the psychology of fear is diminished.   Day 2 you begin practicing coordination of the breast stroke.  The remaining days involve practice, ongoing water familiarity, and increasing your confidence and abilities.  Day 5 nonswimmers prove their skill swimming the length of the pool, floating, and more!  Don't wait -- start now and expand you abilities and overcome discomfort and fear!  Attending Bolle Swim School is one of the best decisions I ever made in my adult life!

I am looking forward to attending Step 2 and Deep water next.  I say that Klaus is the "nonswimmer Whisperer."  Gain confidence, information, and new abilities.

Brenda R.

starsMy parents didn't swim and there weren't many pools in the area where I grew up. So I never learned to swim as a child. Whenever I was finally near a pool, there were many moments of anxiety and panic - when friends or acquaintances did not believe I could not swim would push me in or when I would get beyond the shallow end. Even in the shallow end, I could feel my anxiety rise. I could feel my breathing tighten just standing in the shallow end. There were many other moments of embarrassment over my fear. I worked around every pool party invitation, beach visit, etc. I had taken a class at a local 'Y' back in my 20's and I had a bit of success but it did not last. Fast forward to 20 years later.....

A few years ago my kids were starting their swim lessons and I worried that I would pass my water anxiety onto them.  I hid my inability to swim and my discomfort around the water from them.  As they became more skilled and began to approach increasing levels of water safety, I realized that I had to do something for myself so that I could advance as well and be right there with them.  I started researching swim classes for adults with water phobia, anxiety, fear, issues, deep water issues... whatever you want to call it.  I found the Bolle Swim School in Arizona.  There were many other methods that I found in my research at the time but I settled on Klaus Bolle's school. I watched those videos that they have on their website and I just believed that even I could be helped by Klaus Bolle.  I am so glad that I did.  After the first day, I was at ease with the school, Klaus and the Bolle Swim School approach.  Not only does Klaus know his way around a pool, he knows how to teach people who have years and years of fears and  not swimming telling them that they can't do it.  He talks you through it all and shows you that you can.
You will never be made to feel as if you are a failure or somehow unteachable because you made it this far in life (however old you are) without being comfortable in the water.
I took the non-swimmer course 2 years ago and I am still swimming.  I regularly jump into the deep end.  Just this week I realized that the tight feeling in my chest that I used to get was no longer present.  I hadn't even thought about it; all of a sudden I did think about it one day (in the pool at the gym!) and I was happy to find that the anxiety and tightness were still gone.

I keep trying to figure out how I can get back to Arizona so that I can go on to the next step...I'd like to have learn more about different strokes and perhaps even move on to open water!
Bolle Swim School is the real deal.  Klaus is amazing.  He is always understanding and caring.  Adults like us are his specialty.

Lorraine J.

starsI attended the five day sessions in late April of 2015. Apart from the cost of classes, I also had to pay for the flights and car rent, since I live in Michigan. The money was very much well spent. Klaus has an amazing way of teaching. He is very effective in building confidence. In 3 days, I learnt back stroke, breast stroke and the technique to float. Learning how to swim was my lifelong dream and Klaus helped me to bring them to reality.I found Klaus and his wife to be very hospitable. I plan to go back to learn other swimming techniques.

Zakir S.
  • Zakir S.
  • Ann Arbor, MI

starsAbsolutely Amazing! first of all, this coming from a person who never writes reviews and is always skeptical.  I took the non swimmer class and it was life changing for me. Klaus is such an excellent instructor. I had attempted to take swimming classes with other instructors in the past and I always ended up feeling defeated and just quit. I learned more from Klaus about swimming in the first day than I learned from others my whole life.  The guarantee is real..

Joe H.
  • Joe H.
  • Suwanee, GA

starsI almost drowned when I was 8 or 9 years old and it made me really fearful of water no matter what the depth is. Lately I felt that I was missing out because I do not know how to swim. When I saw the website for Bolle swim school and that the classes are in an indoor pool, private and with just a small group of people I was sold.  What I like the most about the class is that it is individualized, depending on your skill. I never felt the pressure of being at the same level as the others that were doing well in class. Klaus is very patient (especially with me because I keep saying I am not ready to swim).  Both he and his wife Thitiya are very encouraging. They are both highly qualified to teach non swimmers like me. After 5 days I can say that I am more comfortable to be in water and swim! Yes you read it right, swim in just 5 days. I am very thankful to Bolle swim school.

G A.
  • G A.
  • Phoenix, AZ

starsI finished the five-day beginner swim class in June & it was a life-changing experience for me. I had previously taken lessons elsewhere a couple of times but was never able to completely overcome fear of deep water or become comfortable enough to enjoy water. I was truly a 72-year-old lifelong non-swimmer.  I am now able to swim laps comfortably in my own diving pool & have a great sense of freedom in the water that I never before experienced. I was not alone. I watched other students in the class as they responded similarly. I think Klaus Bolle does a wonderful job of teaching how to make the water your friend so that you can move on to actual swimming. Classes are small & instruction is very individualized. I would recommend this class to anyone who needs good solid beginner swimming instruction.

Deanna S.
  • Deanna S.
  • Phoenix, AZ

starsJust returned from my 5 days of swimming a Bolle Swim School.  The most amazing experience with Klaus Bolle and his wife.  My first day of class I was uncertain but on the 5th day ` I had been taught that water is my friend - I am proud to say that I am a swimmer!  Klaus is  an amazing swim instructor that really makes you have an understanding of swimming in water- He takes you through many exercises of how our bodies are able to float so you lose that fear of going down under the water.  Not only is Klaus super fun, but he has the passion for what he is teaching!  Highly recommended!  Super Excited to show my swimming skills to family, friends and my two grandchildren!
Swimmer Shelly from Seattle

Shelly T.
  • Shelly T.
  • Renton, WA

starsiI have recently completed a 5 day lessons with mister Bolle it was a greatest experience i had to date he is up to date in what he will teach you even in  groups
I HAD A BLAST AND SO WILL YOU thanks k. bolle !

Merle K.
  • Merle K.
  • Joseph City, AZ

starsI'm finding out that there's many others like me---those that nervously splash around in the shalllow end of the pool, never owning up that they can't swim as an adult.  And the longer you hide your secret, the stronger your fear gets!  At 55, I decided to put 'learn to swim' on my bucket list.  After much research, I chose Bolles Swim School because they seemed to 'get' the fearful non-swimmer.  I couldn't just go to the local YMCA to be taught by the college student instructor--I came with years of built up fears & needed someone experienced with people like me with a successful track record.

On Day 1, Klaus the owner & instructor of Bolles, acknowledged my discomfort/fear in the water before jumping into the mechanics of the perfect stroke. Klaus taught me survival skills with the perfect balance of kindness & determination to motivate me to experience what fun possibilities water has to offer. Thank you Klaus for keeping me disciplined, yet ensuring a pleasant experience as well.  Without hesitation, I recommend your school to others like me, a fearful non-swimmer who now knows she is actually buoyant in the water & can almost fall asleep doing a back float!

Carol H.
  • Carol H.
  • Wrightwood, CA

starsAwesome program, the class is private and customized specific for each individual depending on their level.   I flew to the program from NYC and I must say I am completely satisfied.  Klaus has the ability to teach anyone and his guarantee is 100% authentic.  I highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn, you can not fail with his program.

Donnett C.
  • Donnett C.
  • Bronx, NY

starsI recently completed the Bolle Swim School program.  Let me first say that Klaus is unbelievable.  A class act with a proven teaching method.  I have never had water phobia and I could swim (although horribly), this class was exceptional.  Klaus' method of teaching had everyone in the pool focusing on their individual needs.  It was the most fun that I have had in months. Regardless of your swim skills or lack thereof, I highly recommend Bolle Swim School.

Jay B.
  • Jay B.
  • Phoenix, AZ

starsI took the non swimmer five days course last week. After almost drowning 50 years ago I never went back near water until last week. I was very afraid and it took me a long time to finally take action an register with Bolles Swim School. I live in Canada and it was a difficult decision for me to fly down to Phoenix Arizona for swimming lessons; however, I can say now that it was the best decision in my life. The course is so intensive and the teacher so good that I was under water and swimming after a few days. I am not a good swimmer yet but I am not afraid of water anymore. The five days training is great because you can achieve a lot in a short time.
Ernesto Gradin from Canada

Ernesto G.
  • Ernesto G.
  • Markham, Canada

starsI went to the Bolle Swim School as a complete non-swimmer, with serious water phobia.  I was really skeptical that the program would be as successful as promised, but I had taken many lessons that didn't work so I figured I had nothing to lose. To my great surprise I was actually swimming across the pool (width-wise not lengthwise... but still!) at the end of the first day.  I highly recommend this course to non-swimmers, Klaus has very good techniques to help you manage your fear of water.

D. A.
  • D. A.
  • Longmont, CO