Senior Swimming Classes

Non-Swimmer - Deep Water - Class for Seniors

5 Days/46 Lessons Senior Swimming Classes

Senior swimming Classes are for older Students, who want to learn at a slower Pace. The typical age Range for our Senior Classes is 65-95. If you are between 55-64, please sign up for Adult Lessons and choose ONLY Senior Lessons, if you prefer a slower Pace of Learning. In our Senior Swimming Classes, we teach the same Skills, we teach in our Non-Swimmer and Deep Water Classes. No matter which class you choose, your Success is always guaranteed.

Senior swimming Classes start on Monday at 6 p.m. and end the following Friday at 10 a.m.

Impossible Not to Learn

It is impossible to not learn how to swim when you are taught 46 Lessons in 5 Days, assuming the Student has no physical Handicaps. Because our Senior Swimming Lessons are provided in a condensed Time Period and in ideal Conditions, our Seniors are able to learn 3 times faster than traditional teaching Methods would allow.

Please Consult Your Doctor

Please consult your Physician before starting Senior Swimming Lessons to determine if they are right for you. Please ask them to read this Page of our Website and let them know, you are considering a Senior Swimming Class.

Health Benefits of Swimming Regularly

Regular Swimming will:

  • Strengthen your Heart
  • Improve your Endurance and cardiovascular Health
  • Reduce your Risk of Heart- and Lung -Disease
  • Lower your Blood Pressure
  • Improve your Balance and Range of Motion
  • Help you lose Weight and lessen the Effects of Diabetes
  • Improve your Flexibility and the Strength of your Muscles

Best Low Impact Exercise

No physical activity beats Swimming, especially for Seniors. Unfortunately, you can't reap the Benefits of Swimming, if you can't swim! After only 5 Days in our Swim School, you can enjoy Swimming for the Rest of your Life!

Swimming for Seniors

Consider signing up only, if you are determined, to regularly practice Swimming after your Class. Please don't waste your Time and Money, if you do not want to reap the exceptional Health Benefits, Swimming offers. Swimming is the  most popular Form of Exercise for the Elderly and practicing it regularly will change your Life.

Your Doctor Knows Best

Follow your Doctor's Advice and change your sedentary Lifestyle. Staying fit and healthy should be a Priority for every Senior. Nobody is too old to learn to swim. Let us help you and we will prove that your  age-related Skepticism is totally unjustified.

Pick any Senior Monday Swim Class Start Date and make your Kids and Grand-kids happy, by finally joining them in the Pool.

How is this Possible?


Our 46 Lessons in 5 Days are NOT EXHAUSTING and do not require you to be in good physical Shape! Natural Buoyancy, the Force that causes your Body to float, has contributed to our successful 5-Day Classes for over 40 Years! Buoyancy carries your Body Weight for you and allows us, in Combination with warm Water, (90 Fahrenheit) to teach on Average 9 Lessons per Day without ever exhausting you!

When walking or running, you are burdened by your Body Weight. When Swimming/learning to Swim, you are totally weightless! For that Reason, Swimming offers more Benefits for Fitness and Health than any other physical Activity, without stressing your Joints and Tendons, thanks again to Buoyancy!

Buoyancy definition: The Force that causes your Body to float. According to the Principle of Archimedes, when a Body is placed in Water, it is Subject to an upward Force equal to the Weight of the Water it has displaced.

No Exhaustion

Our Water Exercises last only 30 Seconds on Average and are followed by 2 - 3 Minutes of Instructor's Explanations and Example Exercises. This gives you ample Time to recover and makes EXHAUSTION IMPOSSIBLE!

Privacy and Focus

9 Swim Lessons per Day require Privacy and Focus! Our private SWIM Retreat makes Learning enjoyable and excludes Distractions and public Embarrassments, often caused by Spectators, Children and other Swimmers in Hotel, Gym and Community Pools!

Take Action Now!

Step 1: Register For Your Class

Senior Swim Class Registration


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Pick your 2018 Swim Class Start Date

  • Senior Swim Class Types Start Dates
    46 Senior Group lessons (5 or 6 Adults age 65+)
    Please choose your Group Lesson start date plus two backup dates
    (About $30 per lesson)
    Monday Feb 12
    Monday Mar 12
    Monday Apr 16
    Monday May 14
    Monday Jun 11
    Monday Jul 16
    Monday Aug 13
    Monday Sep 17
    Monday Oct 15
    Monday Nov 12
    46 Senior Mini-Group lessons (3 or 4 Adults age 65+)
    Please choose your Mini-Group Lesson start date plus two backup dates
    (About $45 per lesson)
    Monday Feb 19
    Monday Mar 19
    Monday Apr 23
    Monday May 21
    Monday Jun 18
    Monday July 23
    Monday Aug 20
    Monday Sep 24
    Monday Oct 22
    Monday Nov 19


Step 2: Make your payment

Please submit payment at Time of Registration. We will confirm your swim class reservation within 2 days.

Your Payment for your Swim Class and Accommodation will secure your spot. Canceled Reservations are eligible for Refunds, minus a 5% cancellation Fee, when requested at least 30 Days before Swim Class Start Date. Less than 30 Days Notice results in a Credit, to be used for a future Class.

Senior Group: Klaus with 5 or 6 Adults 65+

46 Senior Group Lessons

Senior Mini-Group: Klaus with 3 or 4 Adults 65+

46 Senior Mini-Group Lessons

Step 3: Enjoy your changed life, we know you will!

After your time with us -  you will be swimming. We guarantee it!