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Adult Swim School - Phoenix, AZ

You are successful and accomplished and yet you can't swim? Let us help you to enjoy water activities with friends and family!

Klaus Bolle taught 35,000+ adults from all 50 states and foreign countries to overcome fear and learn to swim in 4 days since 1972! Immerse yourself in 36 successful individualized lessons and cross our pool at least 30 times on the last day of our 4-day class - guaranteed!

With the Bolle Method, swim strokes, coordinations and survival skills are learned 3x faster than traditional teaching methods (with only 1 or 2 lessons per week) would allow! Few time gaps between our 8 lessons daily, guarantee the fastest improvement of your water familiarity!

We teach our adult students in our private swim retreat, where they are comfortable, free from distractions and only focused on learning to swim! We guarantee total privacy and avoid embarrassments during lessons, by excluding spectators, children and other swimmers.

We teach in warm water, (90°F) sanitized by ozone and UV-light. Lessons are not exhausting- you learn to take advantage of your body's natural buoyancy, which makes you weightless and causes you to float.

Stay with us in AZ for 4 days from Friday to Monday and focus on learning to swim without any typical home, work, or family distractions!

Learning to swim/overcoming your fear is easy, when you are away from home focusing exclusively on you and 36 swim lessons in 4 days!

Please read our reviews and testimonials to gain confidence!

Let's Find the Class Type That's Right For You!

Based on your current level of experience, choose the adult swim class that best fits you.

Non-Swimmer Class: Level 1

If you can't swim at all and are fearful and/or challenged, this is the class for you! If you have taken classes before and failed, this class is guaranteed to bring you success!

Deep Water Class: Level 2

If you can swim but have fear of deep water, survival skills will enable you, to spend hours in deep water without getting exhausted or risking your life! we will make you feel always safe in deep water!

Money Back Swim Success Guarantee!

Our Non-Swimmer goal is 30 pool crossings within two hours on Day 4. If your success is in question at any time during your 4 day stay, at our choice, we will increase the number of lessons until success is achieved or refund your Swim Class Fee!

Success delivery is the reason we are in business since 1972. Don't take our word for it, just check out our Reviews and Testimonials.

We have taught over 35,000 adults to swim and we will teach you successfully too in just 4 days!