Check out these handwritten reviews to see how happy our customers are after learning to swim!


Thank you for such an amazing experience! I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up but I am so glad I decided to tackle my life long fear of water. The fact that I enjoyed diving off the board on the last day speaks volumes about my newfound comfort level in the water. I can't thank you enough for this life altering experience! I am forever grateful!


Jaygee Dayrit


Adult Swim School Review - 14 Jaygee Dayrit


Thank you for this life changing experience. This is the start of seizing some new amazing water experiences. I'll send friends and family because you are an excellent teacher. Thank you!


Adult Swim School Review - 13 Kemba


Amazing class! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge in a fun and enjoyable environment.

All the best,


Adult Swim School Review - 12 Lisa


Thank you so much for helping me overcome my fear of water. I feel so confident now to go to the pools and swim.

Thank you,

Bradley Taylor

Adult Swim School Review - 11

Thank you so much Klaus. I am comfortable in water now. Of course as you said, need to practice practice practice.

Thank you


Adult Swim School Review - 10

Klaus + Thitiya,

Thank you so much for teaching me what I assumed was impossible. I'm definitely more comfortable in the water. Wish you both much success and many blessings for all that you do. Keep smiling!


Stephani Jackson

Adult Swim School Review - 9


This was a fantastic experience. You are an excellent teacher. Never would have thought I would be here in such a short time... swimming in deep water. Now I don't have to worry about falling in the deep end! Plus the jokes were hilarious!

Frank Shannon

Adult Swim School Review - 8


When I came I was terrified of deep water. I had almost given up. You not only taught me to swim; you made me believe.


Valerie Budgema

Adult Swim School Review - 7

Klaus and Thitiya

Thank you for your hospitality I felt very comfortable here, and enjoyed the time spent here. Thanks for teaching me how to swim.

Maci Rustt

Adult Swim School Review - 5


Thank you for making my experience comfortable. I am leaving here confident in the water 10+ feet deep. I can swim anywhere with confidence! Work on the jokes LOL! Thitiya, Thank you for your hospitality! Nice to meet good people!

Mike Hensley

Adult Swim School Review - 6

Klaus and Thitiya

Thank you for your hospitality I felt very comfortable here, and enjoyed the time spent here. Thanks for teaching me how to swim.

Maci Rustt

Adult Swim School Review - 5

Dear Klaus + Thitiya

Thank you! It has been a pleasure - the best vacation ever. Far exceeded my expectations.

Klaus, you're gentle + kind.


Adult Swim School Review - 4

Klaus + Thitiya

Thank you for being such gracious hosts. The class was fun. I had a really good time. Hope you see you again soon.

Susan Herman

Adult Swim School Review - 3

Dear Klaus + Thitiya

I am thrilled to have learned how to jump into the deep end + swim out! Before these 4 days, I was always very uneasy on my back. Now, I enjoy being on my back in the water. This is one of the best decisions I have made. I am so happy.

Thank you from Clarissa Brown!

Adult Swim School Review - 2

Klaus & Thitiya

Poonam & I had tried to learn swimming a number of times in the past and gave up. Most of it was because of the fear of drowning & very impersonal instruction. We we got rid of the fear of drowning in the first couple of hours. The rest of the time was spent with some very personalized instruction delivered with a great deal of attention to detail (typically German sense of precision). Klaus's humor helped all of us get through periods when we our pangs of doubt.

Staying in the same house also builds a great sense of camraderie + made the experience even more enjoyable. The social interludes provided for sure very relaxing moment. All in all we CAN SWIM now + achieved this while have fun.

Poonam & Tridip Datta

Adult Swim School Review - 1

Thank you so much for working w/ me & my crazy schedule. Even w/out the full 4 days, I've made so much improvement & am so much more confident in the water. I even enjoy being in it now which is a first!

Thanks again!



I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am for the things you have taught me. It is the first time that I have actually enjoyed being in the water! Thank you!




Wow! This truly was an amazing + life changing experience. Klaus, your teaching method is exceptional, you make us non-swimmers believe we can swim right away. It has been a personal achievement for me after so many years. Thank you! Thank you! You rock!



Dear Klaus,

Your abundant experience, great skill, brilliant idea, and warm heart will be appreciated by many people visiting this place.

Thank you.

From Nomi


I went from a Boston Sinker to a Boston Floater. Went from skeptic to advocate. Klaus did a great job.

Klaus I am now a believer! Was always afraid to jump into the water without holding my nose. You taught me I can now jump off the diving board without fear. Ed + I learned so much from you. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

-Judith + Ed Cohen


Thank you Klaus for the wonderful experience. I came here not believing I could float and with bad form for what I thought was was swimming. You helped me not only become comfortable but taught me how to float and feel confident in swimming. Thanks to you I feel comfortable and can swim and have fun in the pool with the family.

-Antoine Harris



What a wonderful experience! You acted like "of course we could all swim", and so we did! Your class starts at the righ place, and ends up in the right place, with 5 new swimmers.

Thank you, and Thitiya, for opening your home to us, and giving us your time and hospitality, as well as your skill!



Dear Klaus,

This was the best thing I did in a while. Learnt to swim in 4 days! Thank you for helping, your techniques are amazingly helpful. So excited to continue on this journey.




Thank you for the great lessons and the fun!



Dear Klaus,

Thank you for the personalized + awesome instruction. We feel so much more confident about our swimming abilities. We also feel so much more confident in the deep end. We will continue to practice what you taught us.

-Janice & Rommo


Dear Klaus and Thitiya,

I am so impressed with what you've accomplished with me in such a short period. I really feel like I can swim now! Also, thank you for your hospitality during my visit. If you are ever in Atlanta, please look me up so we can get together.

Very best wishes,

Ben Chapman



I had the best time at the Bolle Swim School! You create such a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere and I now understand why you are able to teach swimming in 4 days. I cannot thank you enough.



Dear Mr. Bolle,

Great learning under your supervision. Will try to improve, go slow, keep the head up and down, during breaststroke & on the chest respectively, and not the other way around.

Best Regards,



Dear Klaus,

I couldn't believe it until I did it. Thank you so much for being such a great instructor and for explaining things in a simple and logical manner.

I enjoyed it very much!


Elie K



I can say this trip was so worth it! Really learned a ton and the simple things you taught make such a difference. I will recommend you to anyone I run into seeking how to correctly swim (no more YMCAs!).

Thanks for all the jokes and interesting conversations to go along with the lessons. Look me up if ever in Oregon. I'll teach you to ski in July!!

Head back!!!!

-Brian from Oregon