Adult Swim Lessons - Offers to avoid!

About Thitiya and Klaus Bolle

Did you take Swim Lessons in Public, lacking Privacy?

Did you take Swim Lessons in Pools among Visitors, Children, Hotel Guests and Spectators?

Were you taught just "Mechanics" (Despite your Fear) without you being in Control and comfortable first?

Learning to swim at Home with typical Work-, School- and Family -related Distractions, can be difficult for Adults and is ALWAYS highly questionable when:

1) Lessons are taught in outdoor Pools WITHOUT any PRIVACY.

2) Pools are TOO COLD for Adult Beginners (Less than 90 F.) to feel Comfortable + Relaxed.

3) OVERCHLORINATED Pool Water irritates your Eyes and Skin.

4) UNEXPERIENCED Instructors (lacking Compassion) "TEACH" From Outside the Pool.

5) NECESSARY Water Familiarity Exercises are neglected.

6) Lessons over many Months, with long Time-Gaps between them, DELAY MUSCLE MEMORY DEVELOPMENT, preventing Progress.

7) Hats + T-Shirts are needed to prevent SUNBURN in non shaded outdoor Pools.

8) (BUOYANCY CHANGING) Neoprene Vests have to be worn to keep you warm.

9) TOO MANY Adult Students are taught by only one Instructor.

10) Success is NOT Guaranteed, due to Conditions and Teaching Methods, NOT CONDUCIVE to Adult Learning.

NOTHING however, is more embarrassing for Adult Beginners, than being watched/ disturbed, interrupted/ laughed at by Spectators, other Swimmers or Children in the same (Outdoors?) (Public?) (Hotels?) (Gym?) Pool!

Fear of Water is as old as your bad Experiences are and Fear often increases, as you grow older. 90% of our Adult Students tried before to learn to swim and failed, indicating that they encountered some of the above listed Adult teaching- Methods/-Conditions!

Away from Home, with ample Time to rest in your private Room before, between and after Lessons and without any stressful Home typical Distractions during your 4 Day Adult Class, you will with ease-, in ideal teaching Conditions, -overcome Fear, -stay focused -learn to swim!

Please be skeptical regarding Lessons at Home over many Month with long Time-Gaps between them, especially if your Instructor is NOT willing, to guarantee your Swim Success!

Too often, these Lessons don’t work. They waste your Time and Money, leave you frustrated and disappointed and convinced, to be a "Hopeless Case”!

Immerse yourself in one of our 4-Day Classes by BREATHING, SLEEPING, THINKING  SWIMMING, like 35,000 happy Adults before you!

Our Reputation depends on YOUR Success. We don't know "Hopeless Cases"! Register Now!

Water Familiarization - The End of Fear! Taking part in our Class, we will guide you with Patience and Compassion every Step of the Way. Gaining Water Familiarity, you Fear is gradually replaced with growing Self-Confidence based on your newly acquired improving Abilities.

We look forward to hear from you, thank you for reading about our Adult Swim Classes!