About Us

Klaus Bolle teaches exclusively adults to learn to swim and guarantees their swim success in only 4 days. Bolle swim school was founded in 1972 in Germany and since then, we have continually perfected what we do. You can read a bit of our history in this 1976 magazine article or this 1978 Frankfurt newspaper article.

Bolle Swim School in the 1980s

Klaus Bolle operated 7 swim school with 22 instructors over a time period of 16 years in Germany. More then 30,000 adult students from 9 European Countries and the US learned to swim between 1972 and 1988! Since the beginning privacy and ideal teaching conditions were always the key to success. In addition, keeping spectators, children and other swimmers away from adult swim lessons eliminates distractions and embarrassments, allowing for dedicated focus on learning to swim.

Bolle Adult Swim School in Germany
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Arizona Today!

Our first goal, eliminating fear of water, has not changed! Teaching the proper arm and leg movements is important, but only after fear and anxiety has been eliminated. Once fear has been overcome, swimming can be learned quite quickly. Today students come from all over the globe to learn from Klaus how to swim in just 4 days!

Klaus Bolle

Klaus has operated adult swim schools since 1972 and swam competitively in Europe for over 10 years and used that experience as a basis for his swim schools in Germany.  Today he teaches non-swimmer adults in beautiful Arizona. Just look what 40+ years of teaching adults, has done to this once good looking guy!!

Klaus Bolle 1980

Let's Find the Class Type That's Right For You!

Based on your current level of experience, choose the adult swim class that best fits you.

Non-Swimmer Class: Level 1


• You can't swim at all and are fearful and/or challenged

• You have taken classes before and failed

This class will bring you success - guaranteed!

Deep Water Class: Level 2


• You can only swim a few yards

• You have a fear of deep water

After this class you will always feel safe in deep water!