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Bolle Adult Swim School has a unique approach that is unmatched by any competitors.

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Compare Bolle Adult Swim School Retreat Other Swim Schools
Class Duration 4 Days: Friday 6 pm - Monday 11 am 4 - 5 months
Number of Class Lessons 36 in 4 Days 20 - 30 Lessons over 4 - 5 Month
Number of Lessons Inside Pool 32 Swim Lessons 20 - 30 (over 4 - 5 months)
Number Lessons Outside Pool 4 Theory Lessons (before or after swim lessons) None to our knowledge!
Instructor in Pool Klaus and/or Thitiya Bolle ALWAYS in Pool all 32 Lessons with combined 45 Years Adult teaching Experience Sometimes.
Swim Class Sizes 5 to 7 Adults (Group Lessons)
3 or 4 Adults (Mini-Group Lessons)
1 or 2 Adults (Semi-Private Lessons)
Similar Offers not available, generally 5 - 20 Students
Pool Water Temperature 90° - 92° (Never Less Than 90°)
Absolutely no Use of Buoyancy changing Wet Suits to stay warm!
Use of Buoyancy changing Wet Suits because Water of 75-80 F. is far too cold for Adult Beginners!
Pool Water Quality Sanitized by Ozone and UV-Light (No Eye- and Skin-Irritations! Chlorinated Pool Water
Class Content Breast,-Back-Stroke and Freestyle. Eliminating Fear, Preventing Panic, understanding Buoyancy, Mastering Survival Skills. Stroke Mechanics.
Lacking Water Familiarity Exercises,.
Less reliance on Buoyancy and its important Advantages.
Neglect of Survival Skills.
Visualization Part of Class. Not available to our knowledge.
Practice Time In Class. In Class if there is time.
Adult Swim Successes 35,000+ Adults since 1972 Unknown
Adult Teaching Experience 45 years Klaus and Thitiya Bolle combined. Unknown
Privacy During Lessons Total Privacy, NO public Embarrassments Spectators, Children, Hotel Guests and/or other Swimmers present during Lessons.
Focus on Lessons No Home,-Work- or School-related Distractions on 4 Days/36 Lessons in Bolle Retreat. Local Lessons over 4-5 Month include always Home,-Work-or School related- Distractions.
Convenience of Lessons Pool Steps away from your private Guest Room in Bolle Swim School Retreat 36 Commutes to a public-or Hotel-Pool over 4-5 Month
Muscle Memory Development Fastest possible due to 36 Lessons in ONLY 4 Days Delayed and interrupted by long Time Gaps between Lessons taken over 4-5 Month
Non-Swimmer and Next Step in One Class Both Classes combined in one 4 Day Period in Semi-private Lessons due to ONLY 1 or 2 Adults in Semi Private Class Not offered to our Knowledge
Money Back Swim Success Guarantee Since 1972. Not available to our knowledge.
Content of Swim Success Guarantee Crossing our Pool AT LEAST 30 TIMES within 2 Hours on last Day of Class Not Offered
Private Guest Room in Retreat for 4 Days Steps away from Pool Not Offered
Swim School Reviews 95% of our Reviews are 5 Stars ONLY! Unknown
Swim School Results Confidence in deep Water, Lap swimming for Exercise, snorkeling on Vacation. Survival Skills,To achieve all of these Results, Non-Swimmer Class and Next Step/Deep Water Class are needed. Adults stroking, not swimming, not feeling safe in deep Water. Often Lessons are only in shallow Pool without deep Water.
Price for 36 Group Lessons (1 Lesson : 30 Minutes) 4 Days/36 Group Lesson Class: $1095 / $30 per Lesson $15 - $45, generally per Lesson
Age of Students Adults ONLY-We don't teach Children! oldest Participant: 94 Years, Average Age of our Adult Students: 54 Years All Ages. Most Swim Schools focus on Children! If Adults are taught, Children and Spectators are often present. Hotel Classes ALWAYS include the Presence of Hotel Guests, Children and Spectators.

Let's Find the Class Type That's Right For You!

Based on your current level of experience, choose the adult swim class that best fits you.

Non-Swimmer Class: Level 1


• You can't swim at all and are fearful and/or challenged

• You have taken classes before and failed

This class will bring you success - guaranteed!

Deep Water Class: Level 2


• You can only swim a few yards

• You have a fear of deep water

After this class you will always feel safe in deep water!