We think it is natural for fearful non-swimmers/unsafe swimmers to be very skeptical.

Please check out what other people, who were struggling just like you, have to say!

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Bolle Adult Swim School
Average rating:  
 40 reviews
 by Deidra
It’s for real. Don’t miss out!!!

If you are thinking about it, stop thinking and DO IT!!
If you don’t believe it’s a possibility it only takes four days to convert you into a believer.

For as long as I can remember I was the one sitting on the side of the pool feet dangling in the water watching while everyone else jumped in and swam. I was the one standing by the railing of the boat while they all dived in and did their best imitations of fish. I LOVE the water and have always longed to be free and unafraid in it.

I have skydived, paraglided and zipped more lines than I can remember. However my fear of water deeper than 5”4’ (my height) I could not overcome.

Klaus Bolle did in 4 days what at least four different swim instructors over the course of my 61 years never even came close to doing. He eradicated that fear and taught me to swim….. in 4 DAYS. I can now backstroke, breaststroke, free style, float and dive.

This man knows what he is doing and he does it very well. He, his big laugh, smile and German accented “Shall we go again, YAH?” (which really wasn’t a question at all), his passion and what he taught me will forever hold a significant place in my story.

All of that to say…. HIS PROGRAM REALLY WORKS!!!!

 by Dr. shanmugam, Raju

It was best experience . I am 50 years old. I don't know how to swim. Within first day I was not afraid in deep water, knew how to float, understand buoyancy. next day, I have confidences in myself for swimming. Klauss is a good teacher . First i don't believe I can swim in 4 days. I called him two or three time before I went there. Every time he replied positive. It is real . No one guarantee me you can swim in 4 days in my life. He is. I felt that I should came long time ago to learn swimming. very comfortable and encouraging environment. It is worth it for both time and money. I flew from Chicago Friday and came back Monday.
used gurgles for swimming. It will help with your eye. (i didn't use first day . It made my eye pain .)
also go there one day before swimming class started. it will not make you to much tired.
You can stay with them if you are not local.
I have no issue with staying and learning all 4 days.
water is healing. I am happy with my result and excitement for future vacation.

 by Amina
The Bolle Method Really Works!

I had an absolutely fantastic experience with the swimming lessons! I took lessons in the past which did not work for me at all. I can honestly say that these lessons are very different, and you actually swim in 4 days! The lessons are well-structured, gradually building on skills and techniques. I felt a remarkable improvement in my swimming abilities after just a few sessions. I can’t thank Klaus enough for all his efforts and guidance in helping me accomplish the biggest goal of my life and overcome my fear of water, which I didn’t think was possible. I would highly recommend Bolle Adult Swim School to anyone who is looking to learn how to swim. You will not regret it!!!

 by Sabarish C
You can do it, try. Yeah? One more time.

Klauss’ non-indulgent and encouraging words are etched in my mind. I hope to hear them anytime I’m fearful of taking a step.
When we started on the Friday, till I walked in to what essentially is their home and saw Klauss and Thiti, I was still fearful the whole thing was a scam. Having tried and failed before, sinking like a rock with no buoyancy and being told I’m too skinny, my confidence was low in myself and in anyone who claimed they’ll have me swimming in 3 days. But when I saw the sincere faces of Klauss and Thiti, my doubts settled. On Monday, I swam breast stroke, turned in water, did back strokes and even freestyle. I sent videos to my friends and family. I experienced an incomparable sense of achievement, and relief about my natural capabilities. I’m almost 40ys old.
Not only did I learn to feel natural in water without panicking, I learnt how to overcome my doubts, aches and fears “to” learn.
Undoubtedly the positive and encouraging crew learning with me helped.
I’m forever grateful for this life changing opportunity.

 by Marci R
Now I’m a Believer

If you’re reading these reviews and still a bit skeptical, I was once in your shoes. Taking the leap & registering, traveling to AZ, and showing up on Friday evening added up to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! After years of false starts, I can finally float, swim & dive! And I had fun while learning! Klaus & Thitiya are professional, welcoming, and really want the students to succeed. The other students in my group were friendly and encouraging. I am so glad I made this decision. If you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate!

 by Ivette and Junior
Amazing experience

We have been doing swimming lessons on and off for a some time. Junior was doing well but i could not even float if my life depended on it! Ran into Bolle Adult Swim School on line and we decided to make the call and book ourselves for the classes. Happy we did!
Day 4, we were going off the diving board fearlessly to the other side. I conquered by fear and after watching the video of myself swimming, i'm now keeping my hands under water when i swim and we are going to the pool 3 times per week. The other students were amazing! Thanks to Klaus for putting up with me and to my husband for reminding me that i did it!! If you are an adult that can't swim, make the call, book your ticket and start swimming!

 by MA Sifuna

Do you REALLY want to know how to swim? Stop wasting time and money in athletic clubs taking one or two classes a week, book your flight to Bolle Adult Swim school, and return a swimmer. My own quest began in 2008 from mid west athletic clubs; Milwaukee, Chicago to the South in Knoxville, Tn...both instructor and student failed at every turn. Then I came across Bolle Swim school. Thank God I did. After close to 3 years thinking about it, calling and hanging up and DOUBTING (I thought they were a scam up to the day I arrived), the committee in my head decided that 2021 would be the year to do it. Even if Klaus and Thitiya were non-existent, I could live with it -
(just visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum since his beautiful works amaze me
). Not a single friend or family thought it a good idea, but perhaps being aware of how I learn, I went anyway. I did not give Klaus & Thitiya an easy time before arrival and soon after either. And as a professional drug regulator, I tend to distrust everything I see, until proved otherwise. I am judgmental too! "Doctor" Klaus proved me wrong!. "stop fighting", "Head up" "arch your back" "open wide", "push" hahaha! Today you can find me at Waverly Oaks Athletic Club; taking laps in the pool. Thank you Klaus & Thitiya! God bless! You have contributed to American lives more than you will ever know! Newton Boathouse - Here I come in spring 2022!

 by Amelia
Jump on in, the water is great!

I had come across the Bolle Adult Swim School website a few times in the past few years and had my doubts. I kept reading reviews and figured only the positive reviews were being posted and I was still skeptical but then I asked myself, "what is there to lose"? I knew I couldn't be worse off then I was, so I did it, I registered and took a short flight from California to Arizona. The Bolle Adult Swim School does make a swimmer out of you in 4 days ! Klaus understands the difference between adults and children, there was theory that went along with skill progression, the warm water adds to the relaxation and it was a great environment for learning. Between Friday evening and Monday morning I went from, not wanting to leave the shallow end to jumping right into the deep end?. I will not be on the Olympic team for my free style or breast stroke but thanks to Klaus and his Bolle Method, I left after the 4th of July weekend feeling safer in the deep end, having confidence in my survival skills and possessing the knowledge and skills of a swimmer?. Klaus and his wife are warm, hospitable people and I highly recommend any adult wanting to learn the invaluable skill of swimming to reserve your spot at the Bolle Adult Swim School asap. It is worth it, it works and you will be swimming in 4 days.

 by Ihsan Harris
The gift of swimming…

To anyone that is blessed to come across this site for the Bolle swim school let me say first hand that Mr Klaus is a truly gifted instructor that delivers exactly what is stated about learning to swim in just 4 days! I recently had my 19 year old son Nadhim attend the class and stay with Mr Bolle and his very kind wife . Not only was the environment safe , clean, welcoming ,and comforting to my son BUT HERE IS THE BEST PART ….My son is a true SWIMMER NOW! ?I couldn’t be happier and proud to say this ! Thanks to the gifted expertise of instruction, patience, and humor of Mr Klaus my son has overcome a life obstacle and is now a confident swimmer . It amazes me how in such a short time the fear of water was gone and he now actually enjoys the idea of swimming . I literally would and will recommend the Bolle swim school to ANYONE wanting to learn to swim , simply stated “ If you attend this school , you WILL be a swimmer for life ☺️“ I thank you both Mr and Mrs Bolle for your hospitality and deliverance of an invaluable skill to my son Nadhim . Thank you beyond words . I pray and hope you continue to change lives and flourish with teaching many more people just like my son to swim .

 by Karen
What A Gift

Are you:
Fearful of water, frustrated with being a shallow pool hugger, embarrassed with not being able to swim as an adult, tired of not fitting in and enjoying water sports, tired of being left behind? Yep, that was me BEFORE I experienced the most exciting miraculous weekend of my life. I had it in my mind that I would never be able to swim this late in life.
I came across the Bolle Adult Swim School website and was very sceptical to their claims. "Learn to swim in 4 days - GUARANTEED". Yeah, right, not me. Then I met Klaus. The next 4 days was a life changing experience. After a couple hours in the pool I learned how to understand and appreciate buoyancy, float, breast stroke, and lost my fear of water. Early on the second day I was in the deep end of the pool enjoying the diving board, Klaus is the most patient understanding person I've ever met. I was in a group class but Klaus made me feel as if I was the only student he had and gave me all the attention and direction I needed. If you can listen and follow directions you will be swimming in a matter of hours. Klaus never lost his cool with any of us. He knows just how much to push you withuut going over your limits. He is right there with you every step. I would recommend this class to anyone that has any doubt with their water abilities. After 4 days of class I have more confidence and endurance in deep water. It was a relaxed atomosphere with a lot of humor thrown in from Klaus. My only regret is not doing this many years ago. Thank you Klaus for opening up another avenue in my life. What a gift you are!!!

 by James and Lucretia Askew
My Wife and I Can Fully Utilize Our Own Pool

What an excellent experience my wife (Lucretia) and I had at the Bolle Swim School. We installed a pool at our house 12 years ago for our kids (we had ensured that all the kids learned how to swim at an early age), but had not fully utilized it for ourselves because we couldn’t swim. The kids are grown and moved out, so we decided that we need to use our pool for ourselves. We came to Phoenix on Friday with our minds made up that we were going to learn how to swim, no matter what. To our surprise, Klaus made learning to swim much easier than we had anticipated; he is an excellent instructor. After being a little apprehensive, we were swimming in deep water at the end of Friday’s session. We couldn’t believe that by the end of Saturday, we were breaststroke and backstroke swimming, diving off the diving board, and Klaus even showed us how to Freestyle. We are very excited that this summer, we will finally fully utilize our pool. Klaus, Thank you very much!

 by Pam Christianson, April 8, 2021
Excellent Lessons Acquired at Bolle Adult Swim School

After 58 years of hanging onto the side of the shallow side of the pool, I finally faced my waves of deep water fear. This fear dissipated under the seasoned guidance and instruction of Klaus and the gracious hostess of Tithiya in the beautiful oasis of their home and pool. Klaus is a clinical teacher - I needed theory and practice of swim skills broken down into small atttainable steps to chip away at this chunk of fear stemming from bad childhood experiences. Mahalo Nui Loa Klaus.... Pam Christianson from Alaska

 by Michael

Kalus' swim school is the real deal. No gimmicks, no funny business. You come in having no clue about swimming and by the end of day 2, he will have you diving into the deep end to swim the length of his pool. What sets his approach apart are two things:
1. He takes his time to explain the theory of how the human body behaves in water. Yes you probably studied it in high school physics but hearing him make the connection to what you have to do in specific situations is an aha moment
2. He breaks swimming down to its fundamentals: breathing, head position etc. Having a firm grasp of these aspects ensures you can move in an efficient and relaxed manner in the water.
Throw in his endless humor, and you're sure to have a blast while learning. I strongly recommend this class and you won't regret it. Money well spent!

 by Steven Evans
Life Changing

Klaus has completely changed my life! On Friday I was deathly afraid of the water and deep end of pool. I honestly believed for years I could not swim and would never be able to learn how, but by Sunday night I was comfortably floating, diving into the deep end, and swimming across the deep end and being totally relaxed about it! Klaus is an amazing human being, considering how many people just like me who struggled with fear that he has helped over the years! If you cannot swim, don't hesitate or worry about money, call Klaus and spend the money! It will change your life 100% guaranteed!

 by Thu
life changing experience

Klaus provided a life changing experience for me (mini group lessons). Had butterflies driving into town Friday night. Was afraid that I would forget everything I learned Saturday morning - but muscle memory kicked in! By Sunday afternoon, I was swimming back & breast stroke across the length of the pool.

Appreciate Klaus teaching me life lessons in the water environment. Enjoyed the humor infused into the swim lessons!

 by Laura

I was pretty skeptical because I have tried swimming lessons in the past, but Klaus has an amazing method to helping fearful adults become comfortable in deep water. By the end of the second day, we were jumping in and swimming the length of the pool comfortably. I came home after 4 days feeling like a real swimmer and eager to keep going in my local pool. I highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed!

 by Ed

I took the class the weekend of July 26, 2019 and was amazed at how comfortable I began to feel in the water after just a few hours. Klaus has a great approach to teaching and makes you feel very comfortable. He understands one's apprehension but through his support you are able to overcome the fear. It is a great feeling to accomplish something that I had given up on. I was a little leery when we had to jump in the deep end of the pool but again with his encouragement and reinforcement he creates success and then you can build on those successes. In addition I enjoyed our discussions outside of swimming as he provides an interesting perspective and insight. You will not regret the investment.

 by Neika
I believe in unicorns!!!

The impossible is possible! If there is anyone who ever doubted their ability to learn to swim late in life, forget your doubts, and sign up for this class. I finished Klaus' class on July 8th, and I'm still stunned that I can now call myself a swimmer. By the end of day 1, I was able to float, understood how buoyancy worked, and learned the mechanics of the breast stroke. By end of day 2, I was jumping in to the deep end (12' deep btw) of the swimming pool and swimming back. By day 3, I was an extremely proficient swimmer, and day 4 was just the cherry on top for fun. We were a group of adults actually enjoying our time in the water, diving in over and over, feeling completely comfortable, competent, and safe. The only drawback is that I waited so long to do it. In the 2 weeks since class ended, I practice at least 2x per week, and each time I am astounded that my body remembers. It's like swimming is now engrained in my DNA. I'm still astounded that I can now say that "I know how to swim" - and it just took 4 days and a leap of faith. Klaus is AMAZING! I'm so thankful that I came across his school. It literally changed my life...and how I think about vacations. My next one is going to involve jumping off the side of a yacht 🙂 There's no way that would have been part of my itinerary a month ago.

 by Kalpa
Regarding 4days swim lessons

One of our couple friends recommended him to us. Learn swimming in four days. I could not believe it . We took almost a year to decide. Finally booked for July 5th. The experience was amazing. I have big fear of water. Tried few times before to learn but failed big time. After taking lessons I am able to swim in my own pool. I will be trying lap pool soon. He explained the Basics of swimming so easily, I still remember everything n follow it whenever I am in the water.

He is an excellent teacher with a great sense of humor. Me and my husband had a great time learning. Was not boring at all. Icing on the cake.

Highly recommend

 by Tom Strayhorn
A Closed Door Opened in 4 Days

I completed Klaus’ swim classes yesterday, and I’m still on a high from it. Thitiya, Klaus’ wife, welcomed us to their home and was a beautiful hostess for our entire stay. Then we met Klaus, and our journey began.

I had wanted to swim all my life, but I never could find a way to know what to do without being scared and panicky. I filled out an inquiry form online, and Klaus called me within a few minutes. After speaking with him and reading the testimonials and reviews, my wife and I decided to go for it. My wife was not a swimmer either.

During the first lesson, the 4 of us in the class were becoming more relaxed in the water. The first time Klaus told us to head for the 12 foot deep end, I about panicked, but he just kept saying, “It will be fine. Just fine. I will be be right there with you. No need to worry.” Klaus is very kind and gentle, but he knows just how much to push you.

What happened in 4 days was unbelievable. We all 4 went from being frightened and tense to jumping into 12 foot water and swimming to the shallow end over and over —- and actually enjoying it. Our special group was quite varied. My wife is 68, and I am 70. We are from Texas. We are both professionals — accomplished in many fields. A young mother from Maryland was there to conquer her fear and be able to swim with her daughter. Her story of her professional life amazed us all. The 4th member of our group was a young Canadian man. He is likewise a professional and also an accomplished athlete, husband, and father. So here we were, 4 accomplished people from all around the continent, gathered together to conquer our fears. Being vulnerable together, encouraging each other, and overcoming that vulnerability was absolutely fantastic. I was not ready for it to end.

This was one of the top 5 experiences of my life. I spent a lot of time in the water as a boy, but I just never picked up how to actually swim and be safe in the water. The older I got the more I realized the danger of not knowing what to do, and I avoided water more and more. Every time I walked by a pool, I longed to be able to just jump in. It bore on me every time I was around water.

Last May we went to Hawaii with friends who live at the beach and are great swimmers. I longed to be able to do that so much that I finally decided, “I’m sick of this. I doing something about it.” So I started searching online.

When I found the Bolle Adult Swim School, I knew from the time I read all the website that I had found my answer. I told my wife, we’re going to Arizona to learn to swim. She agreed, and I filled out the form.

I feel a burden lifted from me. I have discovered that learning to swim has liberated me already from the humiliation of not being a swimmer. I feel more competent than I have felt in a long time. I should also mention that I am 70 years old. I now can’t believe I put up with that for my entire life, and the resolution came in 4 days!

If you have any of the feelings of desire to swim or fear you carry from prior experiences in the water, or just a longing for the water, don’t waste any time. Go take Klaus’ lessons. You will come away a bit of a changed person — a person with a lighter step — and instead of being happy the resort pool is only 3 feet deep, you will want to find one with deep water.

Klaus’ plan works. Don’t hesitate. You will learn to swim, develop a special bond with your fellow students, amazing respect for your coach Klaus, and pass through a door to a new part of your life that includes beaches and pools and a liberated spirit.

Tom Strayhorn

Snyder, Texas

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