Learn to Swim in 4 Days!

36 lessons in 4 days in warm water of 90F. or...…...36 lessons in a cold local public pool with 36 traffic rush hour commutes over 4 months? 35,000 adults have overcome their fear and learned to swim in Bolle Swim Schools since 1976. There is not enough time between our 9 Lessons daily, for coordinations, survival skills and swim strokes, to be forgotten from one lesson to the next! 36 Bolle-lessons guarantee your success, if taken in 4 days! Our students trusted us and were always rewarded with the most exciting positive results. Visit Phoenix, become a swimmer in 4 days and enjoy swimming for life!

The Bolle Method

Overcoming Failure

Most of our students tried before to learn to swim and failed due to unexperienced instructors, questionable teaching methods and low water temperatures. In addition, a lack of privacy during lessons (with Hotel guests, children and spectators present) is embarrassing for adults and not conducive to learning! Failure is even more likely with only 1 or 2 lessons per week over 4-month! These long time gaps between lessons slow development of your muscle memory, delay water familiarity improvements and allow your fear to resurface. We couldn't GUARANTEE your success, if we spread our 36 lessons over 4 month in water colder than 90 F.. Adults are learning by listening and observing and are not constantly physically active. They depend on water of 90F. to succeed! You can't expect success when you are cold and miserable. Public pools can't increase the water temperature to necessary 90F. without upsetting other swimmers, who demand colder water for their workouts. Some swim schools use heat retaining wet suits to make cold water more tolerable. However, wet suits impair movements and add artificial buoyancy. This leads to unwanted dependency and delays swim progress, making it even more difficult to succeed!

Eliminating Fear of Water

Please don't allow your fear to stop you from learning to swim. We will eliminate your fear first by improving your water familiarity. We guide you with 40 years of adult teaching experience, patience and compassion every step of the way. As you gain water familiarity, your fear is gradually replaced with growing self-confidence, based on your newly acquired improving abilities. Water familiarity is the end of fear and the beginning of your success!

Privacy and Focus

Keeping spectators, children and other swimmers away from adult lessons, eliminates distractions and public embarrassments, allowing for dedicated focus on learning to swim. Rather than teaching in a public- or hotel - pool, our lessons are taught in our own private swim retreat. Klaus taught many politicians, sports-and movie- stars, without anybody seeing them in unflattering situations! Please be assured of our confidentiality. If you visit the US, take our 4-days/36 lesson class in phoenix first, before traveling to your US-destinations. As a new swimmer, you will enjoy all the hotel pools along the way!

Ideal Water Conditions

We keep our pool at 90°Fahrenheit and we don't use exclusively Chlorine. We sanitize with Ozone and Ultraviolet (UV) light to prevent burning eyes and itching skin. Keeping our students comfortable is extremely important and makes their success unavoidable!

Learn to Trust Buoyancy

When walking or running, you are burdened by your body weight. When learning to swim, you are weightless! Buoyancy allows us, to teach on average 9 lessons (4.5 hours) per day without exhausting you! Buoyancy is your friend and we will help you, to trust it! Buoyancy Definition: The force that causes your body to float. According to Archimedes, a body placed in water, is subject to an upward force equal to the weight of the water it has displaced.

Avoiding Exhaustion

The Bolle Method avoids exhausting our adult students. Water exercises last only 30 seconds and are followed by 2 to 3 minutes of Instructor's Explanations and Example Exercises. This gives you ample time to recover and makes exhaustion impossible!

Condensed Time Frame

Swim success for adult students requires 36 Bolle lessons in 4 days......not over 4 month! We eliminate fear first, before we teach the skills needed, to ensure your swim success. There is never enough time between 9 lessons daily for muscle memory development to be delayed, for fear to resurface and for coordinations, survival skills and swim strokes to be forgotten from one lesson to the next!

Proper Learning Environment

Learning in your hometown may seem convenient but home typical distractions and obligations are actually obstructing the process! 36 round trips to a local pool within 4 month, likely during rush hours, are time consuming, stressful and disruptive. In addition, long time gaps between lessons over 4 month prevent accelerated muscle memory development! The solution is our 4-day swim class in privacy in an ideal adult learning environment in our swim retreat in AZ. Take advantage of Klaus Bolle's 40 years of adult teaching experience! Focus for 4 days exclusively just on you and your 36 lessons. Finally enjoy and celebrate the success of at least 30 unassisted pool crossings within 2 hours on Monday, the last day of your 4-day class - GUARANTEED!

Let's Find the Class Type That's Right For You!

Based on your current level of experience, choose the adult swim class that best fits you.

Non-Swimmer Class: Level 1


• You can't swim at all and are fearful and/or challenged

• You have taken classes before and failed

This class will bring you success - guaranteed!

Deep Water Class: Level 2


• You can only swim a few yards

• You have a fear of deep water

After this class you will always feel safe in deep water!

Money Back Swim Success Guarantee!

Our Non-Swimmer goal is 30 unassisted pool crossings within two hours on Monday. If your success is in question at any time during your 4 day stay, at our choice, we will increase the number of lessons until success is achieved or refund your Swim Class Fee! Our Success Guarantee is not too good to be true. It is, for some adults however, too good to be believed. We hope you are not one of them!

Would we be in business....Could we guarantee success....Would 98% of our reviews have 5 Stars....if our swim students wouldn't learn to swim in 4 days?

Success delivery is the reason we are in business since 1976. Please don't take our word for it, just read our Reviews and Testimonials.