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Non-Swimmer Class

Level 1

If you can't swim at all and are fearful and/or challenged, this is the class for you!

Most of our students have tried to learn in the past, but have failed through no fault of their own. We learned long ago that the elimination of fear must be the first objective and once that is done, you can focus on learning to swim. Since 1972 more than 35,000 adult swim students have trusted in the Bolle Method and finally overcome their fear. Our students learn to swim in just 4 days and you will too!

We teach you ALL basic skills:

  • Breaststroke
  • Backstroke
  • Coordination
  • Breathing
  • Body/Head Position
  • Gliding
  • Floating
  • Water Treading

Let's Find the Class Size That's Right For You!

The choices are simple, the larger the class size, the lower the price per student. Choose the adult swim class that best fits your budget and you will be one participant in your group, that is limited to the size of your choice.

Semi-Private Swim Lessons

36 lessons with 1 or 2 Students

Our Semi-Private Swim Lessons are for those students, who prefer the ultimate in privacy and personal attention.

$99 per Lesson

Mini-Group Swim Lessons

36 lessons with 3 or 4 Students

Our Mini-Group Swim Lessons are preferred by students, who are more comfortable with a smaller class size.

$44 per Lesson

Group Swim Lessons

36 lessons with 5 to 7 Students

Our Group Swim Lessons are for those students, who don't mind a slightly larger class size.

$30 per Lesson