Why Travel?

Do The Math !

Flying to Arizona for swim lessons might seem more expensive than getting lessons locally. Once you examine the details, you find the opposite to be true!

Flying to Bolle Adult Swim School in AZ entails an additional expense of $100 - $400 for a round trip ticket, depending on your state of residency. However, driving to a local pool, most likely during rush hours over a period of 4 months, twice per week, is expensive and very time consuming.

Driving Costs

Assuming a round trip distance to a local pool of 20 miles, your driving costs, according to AAA, would be 60 cents per mile.

36 trips x 20 Miles = 720 Miles $.60 cents = $400

Cost Of Your Time

How valuable is your time? The average American worker makes about $25 per hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • $25 per hour for the average American worker
  • $ 100 if you are a lawyer?
  • $ 150 if you are a doctor or pharmacist?
  • $ 200 if you are a successful business owner?

Even if the hourly value of your time is just $25, you would incur $1150 in driving costs and lost time:

  • 30 minutes in round trip (20 miles) rush hour traffic: 36 trips x 30 minutes = 18 hours x $25 = $450
  • 20 minutes in changing rooms, 10 before and 10 minutes after lessons: 36 trips x 20 minutes = 12 hours x $25 = $300

30 Wasted Hours For 18 Hours Of Lessons?

Are you willing to spend 30 hours in your car / in pool changing rooms for just 18 hours of swim instruction over a time period of 4-5 month? Do you want to take lessons in cold water, without privacy, in the presence of children, hotel guests, spectators and other swimmers...……... and without success guarantee?

Scheduling Problems?

How disruptive will local swim lessons be, twice per week over a period of 4 months? How difficult will it be, to coordinate 36 lessons over 4 month with work,- school,- family- and home- obligations? How often will you not be able to participate in swim lessons, as planned?

In addition to the cost of driving (and time you spend driving and in pool changing rooms), you will have to accept Questionable Local Teaching Conditions:

  • Long time gaps of 3 or 4 days between lessons are frustrating and not conducive to adult learning and lead to higher failure rates! (80% of our clients tried their locally offered classes before and did not succeed!)
  • Lessons in the evening when you are tired and less perceptive and encounter most likely rush hour traffic!
  • Lessons without privacy and without success guarantee, in water too cold for comfort and success!

Solution To Your Problem

Join us in AZ for 4 days, focus on- and immerse yourself in -36  lessons without any home typical distractions and enjoy having solved your “water problems” in just 4 days for the rest of your life! If you stay in one of our guest rooms, steps away from the pool, you don't need to rent a car. The walking distance to Walmart incl. shopping center with 10 restaurants and many other businesses is just 500 yards!